Where Weather Meets Community™

Weather Co-op™ is committed to accurate forecasting and safety during all types of weather events. Our AI powered app provides personalized and hyper-local forecasts using our exclusive Weather Watcher™ and SMART Alert features. Whether you need a weather update for yourself, family and friends, or an industry-specific forecast for your business, Weather Co-op™ helps you make informed decisions based on weather events that affect you!

Weather Watcher™

Transform Weather Co-op into your personalized weather hub. Build your very own verified Weather Watcher community, and keep your friends and family in your weather loop. With Weather Co-op just set your Weather Watcher™ and go.

SMART Weather Alerts

Receive SMART Weather Alerts on any mobile device, track weather events of interest, and set weather alerts for your travels, activities, events, and so much more. Sign up for real-time notifications, customized to keep you prepared and safe.

Weather Co-op TV

We stream 24-hour live global weather forecasts and original weather programs. From how Weather affects Finance to Sustainability…Our fun and educational content can be streamed directly to you, on any mobile device.

Accuracy Matters

Weather Co-op’s AMS Sealed, Certified Meteorologists, know an accurate weather forecast is more than a conversation starter, it’s a life saver.  Our hyper-local forecasting capability utilizes the most powerful forecasting supercomputer network in the industry. Paired with our proprietary AI methodologies and algorithm, we retrieve short-range and long range modeling data in a much broader context and with great level of accuracy.

B2B and B2C

Whether your business needs an industry specific forecast like the WetBulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) which utilizes the impact of air temperature, humidity, wind, and sun, to help keep projects moving forward safely in any type of weather event, or you need a personalized weather event forecast, we’ve got you covered. At Weather Co-op the possibilities are limitless.

More Than Just An App

Step into our intuitive and vibrant weather world and build lasting connections. Set alerts, join weather conversations, share local forecasts and even catalogue your favorite weather moments, all while staying in the know with our 24-hour weather forecasts.

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